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RCAA has been fortunate to receive many wonderful gifts over the years.

Mr. and Mrs. Ora T. Lower
In 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Lower gave RCAA 18.65 acres of land to be used for the Rush County Fairgrounds. In 1949, they made a donation towards the Livestock Show Pavilion, which is located on the fairgrounds. This was the start for the new livestock show pavilion project.

Virgil Root
In 1980, the estate of Virgil Root bequeathed funds to the Rush County Boys and Girls Agricultural Association(4-H) for the construction of a 4-H exhibit hall on the Rush County Fairgrounds. In July 1981, the Root Memorial 4-H Building opened during the Rush County Fair.

Lawrence & Zola Wright, Pioneer Hi-bred International
In 1991, the Wright's and Pioneer donated the office building to the Rush County Agricultural Assocation. It has been a very valuable asset, and the hub for the fairboard for the entire year.

Rush County Community Foundation
In the Spring of 1999, RCAA applied for and received a $250,000 grant from the Lilly Corporation through our local community foundation board. The Root Building and the Community Building received extensive remodeling with new heat and air conditioning for year around use for the entire community to utilize.

Thank you to the community for the donations that allowed us to update the livestock pavilion in 2013. These updates included new wiring, lights and animal pens. Our community gave the Rush County Agricultural Association the ability to give our youth things they need to succeed.

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