Carnival Swing Ride

The Rush County Agricultural Association is dedicated to serving our community by providing a valuable service. Our organization has been widely-recognized as the best of its kind. Our membership is comprised of farmers, business owners, factory workers, laborers, just to mention a few, with this variety of people our organization has been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our membership. We are always looking for community-based volunteers as well. Volunteers aid the community in various ways. To learn more, stop by the fair office, or email rushcountyfairin@yahoo.com

President - John Meyer
Vice President - Eric Pike
Secretary - Karen Macy
Treasurer - Ron Westerfeld

Jeff Amos, Matt Busald, Matt Davis, Andrew Gordon, Adam Meyer, John Meyer, Aaron Pike, Eric Pike, Scott Ripberger, Will Schakel, Adam Schwering, Curtis Schwering, Mark Shepherd, Danny Starke, Arika Yager, Brent Burton, Gary Davis, Phil Geise, Jake Hall, Steve Johnson, Lynn Kuhn, Roy Mohr, Linda Naylor, Steve Schwering, Kirk Trebley, Michael R. Wicker, Roy Delay, Chris Jones, Marl Liggett, Karen Macy, Will Degelow, Dahl Petry, William Pike, Al Shelton, Charles Smith, Kyke Ripberger, Robert Stoten, Sam Trebley, Ron Westerfeld, Adam Wilson, Kent Leising,, Chris Puls, Chad Eveland, Johny Miller, Sam Yager
Honorary Directors:
Ken Brashaber, Larry Cloud, Joe S. Columbe, Charlie Farthing, Marvin Hedrick, Jim Maxwell, Neal Kuhn

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